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Noted Estate Lawyer Russell J. Fishkind Tells Single Women How to Avoid the Second Marriage Mistakes of Anna Nicole Smith

Probate Wars: Nationally known estate lawyer and NYU professor ,Russell J. Fishkind , is the author of the excellent selling book “Probate Wars.”  In this interview, Russell uses the case of Anna Nicole Smith to illustrate how and why single women need to protect themselves when entering a second marriage. Similarly, Russell discusses how theContinue Reading

SUPREME COURT Decides Medicare Case in Favor of the Injured

  In WOS v. E.M.A., 568 U.S. ___ (March 20, 2013), the Supreme Court affirmed the Fourth Circuit’s ruling that North Carolina’s irrebuttable statutory presumption that 1/3 of a tort recovery was the amount due on state’s Medicaid subrogation claim was invalid under federal Medicaid anti-lien statute and the Court’s 2006 Ahlborn decision. In thisContinue Reading

Doctors & Big Pharma: Not Always in the Public Interest

   the article reprinted in part below from the  is worth reading   Dr. Jon W. Draud, the medical director of psychiatric and addiction medicine at two Tennessee hospitals, pursues some eclectic passions. He’s bred sleek Basenji hunting dogs for show. And last summer, the Tennessee State Museum featured “African Art: The Collection of JonContinue Reading

You can’t make these cases up

Suit: Yoga Shouldn’t Be Taught in Calif. Schools A lawsuit has been filed against the Encinitas, Calif., public school district in an effort to half the teaching of yoga to elementary school kids. The lawsuit claims yoga “represents a religious indoctrination” and violates state law that prohibits religion from being taught in public schools. TheContinue Reading

Law School Applications Continue to Drop

  Paul Sakuma/Associated Press The law school at Stanford University has increased its attention to hands-on training. Another story today in the NYT about the drop in law school applications. If you live and work in the profession, you could see this coming a mile away. Law schools do not provide the training for newContinue Reading